Area Rugs Looking Dirty? Have Them Professionally Cleaned

Area rugs take a lot of abuse. Most area rugs, unless they’re delicate, are placed in high-traffic areas and walked on daily. With time, they’re going to start looking a little bit dirty. They might even have a stain here or there that’s been difficult to remove. If your area rugs aren’t looking like new anymore and you’re looking for area rug cleaning near Carmel Indiana, give the Regency Carpet Cleaning Professionals in Carmel, Indiana, a call at 317-676-3077.

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Types of Area Rugs

Various different types of area rugs exist and are available in numerous sizes, shapes, patterns, and colors. Some of the most popular types of area rugs include the following.

  • Flat Weave – These are the basic area rugs that are thin and low-profile. They’re often used in high-traffic areas, and some may be machine washable or reversible for easy care.

  • Cut Pile or Shag – Often made of nylon or wool, these area rugs are made with fibers cut to a certain height to make them more comfortable under bare feet. Shag carpets have higher cut fibers to make them softer.

  • Loop Pile – Instead of cut fibers, the fibers in this type of rug are looped. This type of carpet is often seen in office buildings because it’s incredibly durable.

  • Cut and Loop – In these area rugs, some of the fibers are looped, and some are cut. This creates a height difference, which leads to a pattern over the entire rug.

  • Oriental Rugs – These rugs are generally a type of pile rug that includes a detailed and colorful design. Depending on the material they are made from, Oriental rugs may be more delicate than other types of rugs and should be cared for carefully.

  • Needlepoint or Tapestry – These area rugs include a patterned design and are generally more delicate than other types of rugs. The tapestry rugs can be used throughout the home, but needlepoint rugs are generally placed in low-traffic areas. 
There are many different types of area rugs

Proper Care for Area Rugs

Proper care for an area rug begins with knowing the type of rug and the material it’s made from. Oriental rugs and needlepoint rugs, for instance, require more delicate care than other types of rugs, so professional advice should be sought before cleaning them. For other types of area rugs, proper area rug cleaning consists of the following.

  • Regular Vacuuming – Area rugs should be vacuumed at least once a week. In homes with pets or for area rugs in high-traffic areas, more frequent vacuuming may be needed.

  • Brushing or Beating – Brushing with a carpet brush or beating the rug outdoors with a broom handle can help remove pet hair and other stubborn dirt.

  • Rotation – Seasonally, the area rug should be rotated, so it wears evenly. This helps keep them in better shape.

  • Professional Care – At least one to two times per year have the area rugs professionally cleaned. This can be done more frequently if needed, especially if stains appear on the area rug.

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Proper care for Area Rugs is Important

Benefits of Professional Cleaning

Area rugs can benefit from yearly or more frequent professional rug cleaning. The professional rug cleaning services can help keep the rugs clean, but they can do far more, like remove allergens and help the carpet continue to be in excellent condition for as long as possible. When a professional cleans the area rugs, they can help restore them, so they look like new again.

The professional can remove as much dirt and debris from the area rug as possible, including dirt embedded deep in the fabric of the rug. They can also help remove stains, even stubborn ones that have been on the area rug for quite a while. The professionals can care for any type of area rug, including more delicate oriental or needlepoint rugs.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Area Rugs

Trust Us to Clean Your Area Rugs

If your area rugs are starting to look dirty and you’re looking for rug cleaners in my area, let us help you. Regency Carpet Cleaning Professionals helps homeowners throughout Carmel, Indiana, and the surrounding areas keep their area rugs in immaculate condition. We can help you with any type of area rug, any size, and ensure it is cleaned thoroughly. If there are stubborn stains, we can remove them for you. When you trust us to clean your area rugs, you’ll end up with rugs that stay in great shape longer and look like new longer. We take care of your rugs as if they were in our homes.

Area rugs look great in many homes and have the ability to change how a room looks completely. If your area rugs are looking a little dingy or stained, we can help. Regency Carpet Cleaning Professionals is your best choice for carpet cleaning in Carmel, Indiana. Give us a call today or request a quote online to schedule an area rug cleaning service so we can help your carpets look amazing again.