Our pet urine removal services will help clean up your little buddy’s accidents in no time

We love animals! We have a culture of a deep emotional association with animals. Statistically, the majority of the human population is pet-loving. Regardless of social status every household owns at least a dog, a cat, a bird or a rabbit. You can name all types of pet there is, whether big or small, most of us own one.

We love to pamper our animal buddy and treat them like members of the family. We wash them, clothe them with colorful and fancy outfits, feed them with their delicious favorites, travel them with us and even have them sleep in our beds. That is how much our pet-loving culture has influenced us. We even mourn if they get sick and search for them endlessly if they are lost.

Let us help clean up your pet's stains

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We disregard thriftiness when we feel the need to bring them to a veterinarian. To us, our pets are special beings that give us unexplainable comfort, unconditional love, and excitement. We take care of them and in return they adore and accompany us in our daily lives. They greet us with a wagging tail. They fondle us by licking our faces, or running towards us when they see us at the door.

Our animal-friends simply make our lives better. Our interactions with them though somewhat one-way is always more desirable than an actual human who does not even sympathize. However, their playful nature would always leave us seeing dirt all over the house, whether at the doorstep, lounge, the rugs, kitchen, our beds and carpets. These dirt are not only painful at sight but also unbecoming to our smell. Because their dirt are intolerably strong and hard to remove by simple hand washing or ordinary cleaning, we need to employ expert cleaners to eliminate the stain and the foul odor.

What’s the best carpet cleaning service for pet stains?

There are quite a number of companies offering pet stain and odor removal services and almost everyone has joined the bandwagon of keeping a repertoire of their guaranteed services with testimonials, survey results, promotions and even pictures showing how excellent their resources are. These are good attributes that a servicing company should possess as we all want only the best for our money’s worth. But not all cleaning companies have attained that level of quality that satisfies a paying customer.

You might have had several experiences with a pet cleaning company in the past where they guarantee fast cleaning, stain and odor removal at a cheaper rate. For someone like me who would always prefer to be able to contract a cleaning service without spending too much, a cheaper rate will surely be enticing.

But what you think would be a ‘saver’ ends up a disaster as you have to contact the same cleaning company again to have them re-do the process as the stain was not completely removed. Redoing is such a waste of time. There are more important matters to be attended to than to wait for the cleaning company to finish a task they should have perfected in the first place. Lesson learned, only the best can save you money and time.

Leave it to us!

Regency Carpet Cleaning Professionals will meet all your expectations. We are the mathematicians in this field. We can solve pet stain and odor problems that other carpet cleaners cannot solve including those that have been created due to their incompetence or negligence.

Pet stains can be tough on your carpet, but we can get them out

What you would like about this company is the way we handle the problem, the methods we employ and most importantly the products that we are using. We do not want our problems solved but the solution produces external issues such as damage to our ecosystem.

That is a huge crime against our intergenerational responsibility in taking care of our environment. Regency Carpet Cleaning Professionals offer outstanding services in pet urine removal. We offer carpet cleaning specializing in pet urine where we literally render the carpet as clean as if it has never been stained before. We offer pet urine removal services near Carmel, Indiana. Our amenities are exemplary and is the best there is in Indiana.

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We use environmentally-friendly products

We do not only consider performance but also the products used by the cleaning professionals and our company is just what you need. We have envisioned an eco-warrior company that helps mother earth and avoids health repercussions towards people. We use eco-friendly cleaning products. We do not treat stain and odor through harmful and highly toxic products. We make sure that we use completely 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe cleaning brands. This is important as it does not only have an aftereffect towards our environment but to our health as well. We cannot compromise our body by inhaling the chemicals contained therein for they can still damage our lungs. Products applied should be toxic-free.

Carpet cleaning specializing in pet urine

Another edge of our company is that we employ certified professionals who possess the understanding and experience needed to get the job done. Our cleaning professionals have been specially trained in stain and odor removal. It is a public knowledge that there are some cleaning companies that only mask the odor. They give you an impression that your problem is already resolved albeit it is not. For Regency Carpet Cleaning Professionals, our company uses an extraordinary method to manage the ultimate removal of the stain and odor including those that are considered severe and contaminated cases.

We clean all types of pet stains!

We adopt robust oxidizing agents that reach the deepest corners of the carpet and lining to expunge the bacteria that cause the unpleasant odors. More than that, we have paramount truck mount facility capable of thoroughly clearing away all sort of residual materials to achieve that ‘clean carpet’ desire which is free of pet stains and odors.

By using free Forensic UV and Hydrosensor inspection of the carpet, rugs, furniture, walls and hard floors we ensure a systematic and exhaustive cleaning – and even removing -those that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

We guarantee cost-effective options to all our clients as well as warranty for the service. With just a dial away you can book an appointment or go online for your convenience. A confirmation email of your appointment shall be sent right away. You will also be reminded the day before we arrive, and when we are on our way.

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