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All sorts of dirt and debris can be dragged over carpets in the home, not to mention spills and other issues. Keeping carpets looking clean doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems. If vacuuming isn’t getting everything up and the carpets are starting to look a little bit old and dingy, don’t run out and have new carpets installed. Instead, have them professionally cleaned. A professional cleaner will restore the look of the carpets and ensure they’re ready for more use. Let the Regency Carpet Cleaning Professionals show you how we can transform your carpets and help them look like new again. 

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Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning done by a professional offers plenty of benefits for homeowners. Some of the benefits they can see after using carpet cleaning services include the following.

  • Complete Removal of Dirt – When a professional cleans the carpet, they ensure all of the dirt is completely removed from the carpet. They even clean out the bacteria, allergens, and more that may be hiding in the carpets. 
  • Elimination of Stains – Professionals have special solutions and tools that make stain removal much easier. They can remove the stains in the carpet, helping the carpets in the home look new longer. 
  • Extends the Life of the Carpet – Carpets that are well cared for and kept clean are going to last longer. Professional cleaning keeps dirt and debris out of the carpets, so they won’t wear down as fast. 
Nothing like that brand new clean feel
Freshly cleaned carpets make your home feel new again!

Professional Carpet Cleaning

When a homeowner has a carpet cleaner clean their carpets, they can be sure they’re thoroughly cleaned and ready to be used quickly. They can have this done once per year or every year and a half to help keep the carpet in great shape. The carpet cleaning should take around 20 to 30 minutes per room, depending on the size of the room. Most of the time, the carpets will be dry within 12 hours. However, it can take up to 24 hours in some cases. The drying time can be cut down by opening windows and turning on ceiling fans. After a professional carpet cleaning in Carmel, it is possible to walk on the carpets before they dry. For the best results, wear clean socks when walking on the carpets.

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Carpet Shampoo Service

We will shampoo your carpets to remove tough stains and get them looking great again. While you can purchase carpet shampooers to use at home, you should still have the carpets professionally cleaned. The home-use equipment is good for smaller stains and for keeping the carpets clean between visits from a professional, but these machines aren’t a match for the commercial machines used by professionals. As professionals, we will pre-condition the carpet to loosen stains and dirt, then use a high-pressure hose with hot water to rinse away any dirt and residue. We will then vacuum the water back up, leaving the carpets looking almost new again. 

Area Rug Cleaning

Local carpet cleaning services don’t just handle wall-to-wall carpet cleaning. They can also clean area rugs. These rugs often get a lot of traffic, so they can wear down faster and may need to be cleaned a little more frequently compared to the carpets in a bedroom. Carpet professionals know how to gently clean an area rug and dry it properly to keep the colors vibrant and to remove all dirt and debris. They will look at the rug carefully to determine if there are any spots that need extra attention to fully restore the area rug, then clean them carefully to ensure they look beautiful once again. Make sure the area rugs have time to fully dry before placing furniture and other items back on them for the best results.  

Make your area rugs sparkle again!

Upholstery Cleaning Service

Like carpets and area rugs, the upholstery in a home needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. The furniture is likely used often, so it will get dirty over time. A professional carpet cleaning can clean any upholstery and help restore its colors. They’ll use the appropriate cleaning solution to loosen and lift dirt, rinse carefully with a special solution, and vacuum to get the remaining water out of the furniture. A professional can also apply a protectant to the furniture to help it keep looking great for as long as possible. If needed, they can also use a deodorizer to help remove smells like those from pets, so the furniture is fresh once again. 

Our professional upholstery cleaning services will leave your furniture looking brand new

Prices for Cleaning Services

One thing that stops many homeowners from calling a professional is the idea that having a professional carpet cleaning done is expensive. In reality, carpet cleaning might not be as expensive as homeowners would think, and it can help them avoid replacing the carpet for a longer period of time. Carpet cleaners generally charge by the room, so there’s a set price based on the number of rooms that have carpets to be cleaned. Homeowners who want to save money can also ask about coupons or special offers when they schedule their appointment. Check out our prices and see what you think.

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Why Call Us for Carpet Cleaning?

If your carpets are starting to look dirty or they’re stained, make sure you have them professionally cleaned. At Regency Carpet Cleaning Professionals, we can make sure the colors in your carpet are fully restored, so it continues to look fantastic for as long as possible. We offer a number of other services as well to make sure you get all of the help you need. Our technicians are highly trained in carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning. If you need carpet cleaning in Carmel, we can make sure you’re happy with the way your carpets look once they’re professionally cleaned. 

If your carpets need to be cleaned, turn to Regency Carpet Cleaning Professionals to get the professional services you need. We offer carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, and upholstery cleaning so you can keep everything in your home looking fantastic. Call us today to schedule your appointment and see what a difference our services can make for your carpets. 

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